Friday, August 29, 2014


        For those of you that do not already know, I am pregnant! I took me awhile to publicly announce it because I was still going on auditions and booking jobs. If I was to tell my agent I was pregnant I probably wouldn't have booked the BUDLIGHT commercial Or HELINKSI VODKA commercial! No, I did not drink on set.. no one did.. however, it is still a liability. 
        Anyhow, I made a separate instagram for my unborn child because #1 I didn't want to flood my personal page (@kristinways) with pregnant posts since I have BABY FEVER haha. I made @thekidkaiden for those of you that want to follow my PREGNANT JOURNEY and view my outlook on pregnancy tips etc.  I also feature and review lots of BABY ITEMS and products. Once Kaiden is here the page will no longer be of my pregnancy journey but of him growing and his milestones. So thanks for those who follow us and I hope you enjoy our posts!!

I am currently 33weeks or 8 1/2 months! Time has flown by. People ask me what I find has helped prevent stretch marks. Well , to be honest.. you can't really "prevent" stretch marks! I believe they're hereditary. However, you can help lessen the problem or prevent them from becoming worse. By oiling and mositurizing your skin (chest, thighs,tummy) twice a day with the correct products. Im big on NATURAL and ORGANIC products.. I'm always reading labels on whatever products I use on my skin.. even more so now that I'm pregnant. Anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body and passed by your baby. I will write another blog post on chemicals found in foods you may not be aware of and also cleaning products!! 

Here are my FAVORITE PRODUCTS I've been using to prevent stretch marks .. 

No stretch marks so far.. Fingers crossed! I've been REALLY vain!

Below is a description, where to find them and which work best! I don't use them all at once I just switch it up!

1. MOTHERS OIL- (favorite) found at whole foods, natural, this is similar to bio oil but it's ingredients are more potent.

2. COCONUT OIL- my favorite! Organic, can be found at any grocery store. I use this all over my body and hair as a hair mask! It's so moisturizing!! SO MANY USES! GOOGLE It!

VITAMIN E- (favorite) I got mine at whole foods. This is great for scars as well. So many uses. Make sure you read ingredients and it's 100% vitamin E lots of times it says vitamin e on the front but ingredients include other additives. You want to make sure its 100% pure vitamin E or its useless.

3. PALMERS COCOA BUTTER AND OIL... The ingredients are not as potent as the other products and have mineral oil and water in them so it takes away from the vitamin e and cocoa butter in them,  =(  I still use this though because it smells amazing.

4. BABY OIL GEL- with vitamin e.. Very moisturizing .. Love it all over! I use this a lot while tanning I let the sun soak it into my skin. 

5. MAMAS BELLY BUTTER- (favorite) love this! Natural, cocoa butter, vitamin e, thick butter.. Great moisturizing properties! I bought mine on amazon. I oil up my belly and chest 2 to 3 times a day! I started with my 2nd month of pregnancy!!