Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thou shall be no other

You are the only person I have ever known that has stood by my side w/out ever leaving me. No questions asked, if I ever needed you…you were there . Whatever the problem was, you never ever had to ask, 
you just came right to me. 

Whatever I said I said..what I did I did. You never 2nd guessed me.
 Your patience is ridiculous. My life is ridiculous..
people wouldn't even believe the half. You KNOW the full. 
You put up with my pathetic bullshit like it was nothing. 
If I couldn't sleep, you're the only person that would stay on the phone with me till I could. Like always, you never let me down. you are the only person that has stayed true for as long as Ive known you.

They think they know...YOU know. You're the only one who knows what goes on inside my head. That is mind boggling to me. I don't get you..why do u care? 
mess up as much as you can before you regret it. I mess up everyday.  lifes short..were running out of time. You cant live till you really understand--Perfection is not really happiness.. its trying to hard! 

I treat people how they treat me. Im loyal, I don't just leave ppl they leave me. I speak the truth . I expect that in return. You spoil me. I didn't take you for granted. I am never alone, you are with me always. are never alone im with you always ! 

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