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Your face, My canvas 

My Kit has overflowed and exploded from suitcase full to..suitcasesssss filled, draws filled, cabinets filled, closets, bathrooms, rooms and every hand bag possible filled.. Mac Mac Mac has thrown up on my life.... and, I LAVEE it!
Clearly, I have worked with Mac for some years and so I am most familar with there products so the majority of my kit consists of all MAC makeup. Ido have a few favs by smashbox,urban decay and forever.
I do all and ANY type of makeup you can think of. Beauty, High Fashion, Bridal ( which makes up a big part of my business), Film/Tv, Theatrical, Special effects, body paint, Scar/ tattoo coverage, & photoshoots.. which is my all time favorite!! did i leave anything out? Airbrush I have done in the past but I dont do it often..if anything maybe I will start abusing the airbrush gun for bodies in photoshoots. Im not a big fan of airbrush gun on face and def not eyes. Though I have not tried MAC regular liquid found. in a gun before. If anyone has, let me know! MAC pro also carries a airbrush formula you can dilute your fluids with. Thats in my kit, taking up space.
Makeup on film is totally different from a regular beauty app. Not only by placement but bc of the different textures, ingredients that make -up the product etc. How it looks in front of you will read totally different in pictures. Thats why you need to be familar with whats in your kit. I dont know whats in your kit, but I can tell you whats in MINE. 
With makeup the most important thing to remember is honestly there are NO rules. Its whatever your comfortable with. Everything I have learned was not from any class or book! It was from my eye, whatever looked good. When you step back and look at the whole picture and something looks off..its kinda like where did I EFF up and how can I fix it. Then you know for next time. It's trial and error..and time. AND of course from all my co-workers I have worked with. Just from being around other artists you pick up there tricks and develop your own techniques.
My kit is a small luggage, I condense as best I can. But im always still paranoid I will forget something though ive been doing this for years. Everything is labeled and in smaller plastic squeeze tubes/ bottles..zipblock bags, containers in its on section. Whatever fits, Whatever works, Whatever is easy to find and fast to get to! I get pill cases from cvs or wherever and press my lipsticks into them. Now I have a lipstick pallete. Duh. A bigger version of that can be used for foundation. I never carry every shade, thats a waste of time and money. A few dark, a few light, a few warm, a few cool. True artists can make any color as long as they have esstentials to build and work with.
My foundations, I have something for full coverage and then tinted moisturizers, A have a very dewy one and matte. Diff textures and coverages, But again you can turn a full coverage into a sheer coverage..just dilute it with moisturizer or whatever. My favs= Mac Full coverage, Mineralize liquid, select cover up as a foundation!, moisture cover as a foundation or under eyes, Hyper real,Studio mist, Studio Fluid , Face and body, Makeup forever photofinish. Moisturizers,Primers,- If you do not prime and moist your skin 1st it will look like shit and not last!!!! eww. My favs, Smashbox face primer, Urbandecay special effects eye primer,Strobe creme is a must! even on the body. Strobe liquid to, even to mix with found. Mac paint pot. Mac just came out with Pore refined zone which i just started testing out. The wrinlkle filler is amazing!! Mac lash primer! Matte creme. Blot sheets are good to have to.MY FAV Powders- Mac mineralized loose, Mineralized press is to sheer for me..I just love it as a finishing powder and a bronzer. They photograph amazing. Mineralize shimmer to highlight areas, amazing. Blunt blush I use as a contour. My fav thing to do is SKIN, glowyy skin with contour sitting just right. I do like Mac loose powders to and the New translucent powder. Even mixed together. To set makup. Blot pressed is good to, I keep that on set and in my bag for Oil touch ups. Studio fix I love but I would never use for photoshoots. It reflects to much light youll look like a ghost.LIPS I'll use anything that looks good. I own every lipstick and lipgloss that make has to or not. Dazzle glass is AMAZING! orgasim in a tube.Eyeshadow- Have a selection. I have ALOT of MAC 15 Pro Pallettes and I just buy the inserts to pop the shadows in. CONDENSE. I have a smokey palette with all greys, blacks, bronze, browns, nudes. Then I have all brights. Neutrels, Just organized and labeled. Pigments all colors
Mascaras, I use plush alot and always the MAC primer. I jump around alot with mascaras. Christian dior show, Lancome hypnotise. Once you use lashes you never go back!! I havnt really found a mascara I loveee.
Lashes- us mac girls are known to OD on false lashes, 2,3 some girls where 4? LOL theres so many different types. My Favs are from MAC #'s... 2,3,4,7,34, 36, and 20's. My fav combinations are.. doubled 7's. 7's and 20's. I would never use any other glue then duo. Ive heard horror stories.
Eyebrows frame a face, so important. Depending on if they have enough hair or not but I like to use pencials by mac to outline and then mac eyeshadow to shade in. Mac browsets to finish off.
Eyeliner=  Again I havnt really used anything but mac, one of these days I will explore sephora more. Im big on mac power points , fluidline, liquid last..that shit lasts!! Kohl pencial smolder is realllll dark but it runs. Carbon, Sketch, FIG 1 or anything dark to smudge out eyeliner.
Blush, I have a assortment of colors and I have them in Palettes as well. Pinks, pink browns, browns, reds, deep red, bronze, peach, etccccc

The following is what I personally use and could not live with out. I do all my makeup for my own photoshoots and this is what MY FACE consist of
To be continued..

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