Friday, May 18, 2018


I've been spray tanning for years and love it! I've gotten airbrush tans and they are great too but they're more money and often you need appointments so I prefer to just do the spray booth.

Its about 20-30$ and If you prep correctly It will last a week. Here is what I personally find works the best!!

1. Always shower RIGHT before .. you want to make sure you do not have any lotions, oils or sweat on you. Otherwise, the spray tan will not stick or be even.

2. Spray tan doesn't work well on dry skin. That is how it gets blotchy. Use a wash cloth or a coarse loofa to exfoliate your skin head to toe. Scrub really good. I even use a razor even if I don't have to shave because it will take off a layer of dead skin. I then use a body scrub to make sure my skin is as smooth and soft as possible. After shower I use the tower and rub my skin all over to exfoliate even more. This step is crucial for achieving a long lasting EVEN tan!! DO NOT USE ANY LOTION OR DEODORANT. 

3. I head right to the tanning salon before I get the chance to sweat
and wear a loose sundress always. I normally always get the DARK color as in my photos here. I feel for my photo shoots that color looks best on my olive skin. Sometimes I do medium for a natural look but its not much of a difference with my natural skin tone. Make sure to use the barrier creme they provide a little on the bottom of feet, hands and knees. ( extra dry skin areas) It helps to absorb less color. I always wear the hair cap and the foot booties. Make sure the hair cap is not touching your face. (lesson learned the hard way) Make sure you know the correct standing positions. This photo I look extra dark just because of the lighting! SEE OTHER PHOTO TO COMPARE. This is DARK shade.

4. Most machines have drying passes to dry your tan and that would be enough to get dressed. If not make sure you stand naked for a few minutes and air dry. I take a baby wipe and spray water bottle to wash off the bottoms of my feet and I was my hands in the sink. I take a tissue and blot my face lightly to get the extra brown color off. 

ALL DONE! I don't shower or sweat till the next day. Do not use any lotions containing oils. Mineral oil which is in lots of lotions will remove your tan. I made the mistake of using baby oil once and found that out! They make certain lotions that will moisturize and extend your tan. Moisturized skin will hold a tan better then dry skin. When I shower I use basic soap and try to not go over areas I really want to keep tan. Just let the water run down but don't use a loofa. Only use hands. Blot towels don't rub. My tan always last a good week!  Let men know if this works for you to!!



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