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Below are the creams I personally use to reduce my cellulite. Any over the counter cream will work just fine compared to the more pricey just comes down to INGREDIENTS!! 

This is not a paid post this is just what I've found worked for me over time if used on a regular basis!!!

Yes,its not a permanent fix. It will come back if you don't keep up with it but it will be a noticeably big difference in smoothing out the skin texture. 
By the way ladies, don't be ashamed! Im at the thinest I've ever been and I'm admitting to having cellulite on the back and sides of my thighs! It doesn't mean you're fat. Its hereditary and part of life. You can also use these tricks to firm other areas and prevent.. like tummy and booty.

Before buying any cream look at the list of ingredients . Ive tried everything and Ive been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. I also have my esthetics lic so I've studied skin and product chemistry and ingredients. I know what I'm talking about.

First off, if you didn't know with any product you buy (even food labels) when you look at the ingredient list it goes in order of most potent to least. PAY ATTENTION to the first few mainly. If you see water or mineral oil.THROW IT AWAY! Its pretty much nothing. When talking about cellulite you want CAFFEINE. the closer up on the list the better. While other ingredients claim to soften and SMOOTH the skin we need something to help that bumpiness out. 

Choose a cream that works for you. At least once a day but its better used twice a day. The more the better. Especially because we sweat through the day so it rubs off. Im very anal with perfecting everything so I bought 2-3 diff types and I use one in the morning and massage it in.. the longer the better ( I often skip this step in the morning bc I don't have time but I try to stick to the night routine) then I use the other one at night fresh out of the shower when your skin is most absorbent! 

Massage hard and long. We won't always have time to do each step as perfect obviously but just so you know the hard massage helps to work the cream in and also helps to stimulate the lymphatic system. I won't bore you with getting more technical with how cellulite is created I'll just get to the point of this blog.  That is why cupping and other aggressive machines at med spas are available and work much better ! Theyre more expensive but Ive heard they work! I haven't tried yet but I will keep you posted because next month Im going to try it! Summer body here we come!!

I also recently got a DRY BRUSH ( photo below) google the benefits on this there are so many! It would be great to do this daily first thing in the morning or at night before apply cream. Its great to move the blood around under the skin. Again, I don't always find the time. It kind of hurts because you need to be aggressive but you will see results! See Below for photo reference.

The before and afters are not me but I wanted to show what you can achieve if you stay consistent. That is the main secret. I would say you can see results after a just a week. Its always diff for me but recently I started my routine up again and 3-4 days later I spray tanned and it hid it all! It was like a miracle. little TIPS AND TRICKS of the business! Working always in a bikini or half naked I have to look my best head to toe at all times. So, I'm constantly researching and trying different things out.

If you have other techniques or lotions that work please comment below I would love to try!

NOW next is my all time BIGGEST SECRET!! after buying all these creams and seeing CAFFEINE as the main working ingredient I thought of the idea to use pure coffee grinds. I googled it and people buy coffee scrubs for this reason so why not use PURE COFFEE OR CAFFEINE?! I keep coffee in my shower and use it after I wash every day! This is what I notice makes a difference in a few days. Scrub and massage it in then wash off.

Use this and lotions and dry brushing if possible and you will be set!

Try aiming to drink a gallon of water a day to flush toxins out of your system! water is the biggest beauty secret of all! If that sounds crazy then at least up your water intake by double of what you're drinking now! Mix all that with working out the areas you have cellulite.. for me its thighs. So, I hike a lot, squat heavy and do a lot of stair master. The tighter the skin the smoother the appearance ! If I slack i notice a huge difference. Take care of your body from the outside and also within!


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